Lettuce Grow

Packaging/ Branding, 2021

This is work that my team and I created while working as a designer for Guacamole Airplane. For Lettuce Grow, we were asked to create sustainable packaging as well as brand incorporation for shipping their Farmstand and products. My team and I were able to deliver just that as well as creating an attractive and cohesive opening experience using Lettuce Grow’s branding. We wanted to maintain the simple and classic feeling of Lettuce Grow and its gardening adventure. Thus, we brought in inspiration from the silhouette of the Farmstand itself by incorporating the smooth curves in the replicated shape along the sides of the box. An opening experience is such an important first impression of a product and so we made it fun, engaging and easy to navigate so that “everything just feels right”.

In the wild: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnXL-G4gJrQ/